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Drag Chain Conveyors ( En Mass )

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Drag Chain Conveyors, En Masse Conveyors & our setup is situated in Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

A Drag Chain Conveyor is a conveyor in which the open links of a chain drag material along the bottom of a hard-faced MS or SS trough.

The flights are fixed between two strands of chain, drags the material from feeding end to the discharge end in open or closed trough. These are available in different widths and lengths as per the site requirements and are also used for handling slightly sluggish, loose or lumpy hot material.

Drag Chain Conveyor are designed for horizontal, inclined and vertical transport of sawdust, chips and other bulk goods.

Feature of our conveyors is dust-proof, low noise and sealed design.

We provide customized solutions to our clients as per the site situations.

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