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Bag Stacker

We manufacture Mobile Bag Stackers for loading of bags in to godown or in to trucks for further transport.
Bag Stacker is used for handling cereals, sugar, grain and Sugar bags. Truck loader is specially used for loading the truck.
It reduces the manpower and valuable time.

The equipment consists frame fabricated from heavy duty angle which is mounted on chassis fixed on tyres.
Winch is supplied to adjust the height where we require the bags to be stacked. Winch can be operated manually and also can be motorized.

Stackers can be used for duel purpose i.e. to unload the bags from the truck or to load the bags in the truck.

There are many variations to the bag stackers, depending on the clients requirements e.g.:

Loading height
Off-loading height
Bag types.
No.of bags to be handled per hour.
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